Design your
perfect workday

Productivity is declining while hours worked are rising.

The problem isn't how hard we work. It's the way we work.

Produce8 is a digital work analytics platform

We help teams understand how they leverage their technology and time
to improve performance and protect employee wellbeing.

Tackling the challenges of knowledge work

We are losing significant time every day to context switching,
too many meetings, and the endless torrent of direct messages.
Where do we find the time to focus and get work done?

The answers lie in our data

Move beyond opinions. Produce8 makes sense of the chaos and helps us all understand what's working and what's broken.

Measuring the impact of
our changes

We need to know if our efforts are paying off. Produce8 provides the visual proof and metrics to show if the changes we make have the results we want.

Works with all of your tools

Produce8 brings activity from any desktop or web-based app in one place. Start quickly with our App Catalog and add more tools from there.

Aligning everyone around the problem

Produce8 is unopinionated and built on a foundation of trust and transparency. We created this platform to benefit everyone so we can attack the problems—not the people.

Regain control of your workday

Personal insights create self-awareness, demonstrate the impact of changes, and reinforce better habits over time.

Create space for great work

Produce8 supports high-performing teams that are relentlessly pursuing the state of flow.