in real-time.

Creating teams

Produce8 was built around the concept of team transparency. Bring the activity from all your apps into one place so everyone on the team can see what’s happening.

Access data from your apps

Your team has a whole stack of apps it works with. You can add integrations in Produce8 to subscribe to actions from those apps. And install our browser extension to create subscriptions for interactions with any web app using a URL.

Share data within your team

Create and manage a shared digital team environment in Produce8. Your team first subscribes to apps based on the work data you all care about and want to share. Then the actions and interactions of each team member in each app are made visible to the collective.


Understand how much work is getting done, where the work is happening and which apps are truly key to your team’s success.


Follow your team’s actions and interactions over time. It’s a better way to truly see your collective and individual workflows.

Activity stream

See chronological events from all of your team’s subscriptions in a real-time activity stream. See aggregated views by team and by team member.

Get started

We’re working hard to make it as easy as possible to get started with Produce8.


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Connect your first app


Create a team subscription to your app


Customize your data

Get digital work analytics and recover time for focused work.

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