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How we help teams boost their performance.

We fix team-based productivity problems by engaging them in improving the workflow and providing a way to measure if changes succeed.

The major factors decimating team performance

Losing time in too many meetings.

Knowledge worker employees and executives participate in 25+ different types of internal and external meetings.

Endlessly distracted by their tech and collaboration.

Your team is opening and engaging with collaboration tools over 200 times per day.

Context and task switching all day long.

There's a massive cost associated with shifting focus between various requests on their time.

The solution teams need to have more productive workdays

User controlled data drives engagement.

Every team member maintains control over the data they share with their team. Everyone can see the same set of data.

  • They opt-in to sharing any data from any application.
  • Their personal daily insights are for them alone.
  • The time from invite to team onboarding can be completed in as little as 20 seconds.

Visualize your team's workdays

If you want to work on team-based issues like collaboration distraction or no standardized workflow, invite everyone to a shared workspace.

  • Team timelines will depict every day and show you the workflow patterns.
  • Daily app usage illustrates aggregated and individual app usage patterns.
  • Time series data shows long-term trends and heat maps display intensity of interactions inside the average day.

See what is holding your team back

Your team can dig deep into their workflow to see every moment of their day and see what’s broken.

  • How often are they getting pulled away from what they are working on? Are they multi-tasking?
  • Zero in on email, meetings, and messaging in contrast to high-value tools to prioritize changes.
  • Identify the tools that are not being used at all to help optimize your IT spending.

Prove the impact of each change the team makes

Every change they introduce will reshape their overall work patterns, whether it's introducing new team agreements, adopting new tools, or integrating AI. Measure the impact of these changes.

  • Individual goal setting and new team agreements will impact the data.
  • Use time series to track those changes to help quantify impact.
  • Introduce new initiatives one at a time and keep tracking the results.

Their journey with Produce8

Step 1

Invite them to Produce8

They can start in a personal or shared workspace and tap into their workday in minutes.

Step 2

They receive their report

At the end of the first day, we show them how they spend their time.

Step 3

They set goals and win

By the end of the first week, they are able to start fixing their workflow.

Productivity challenges to unleash your team's potential

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