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We create space for great work

The story of Produce8

It started with a conversation on a video call in the spring of 2020 when a group of business leaders got together with a common goal: to figure out how to support their teams and tackle the challenges of remote work.

You know what they found out? Current management thinking about productivity is based largely on the assumption that employees are the problem. Our founders believed that this mindset absolves the organization of responsibility and hinders human potential.

Crafting a solution to address burnout and reduced output requires that we redefine our relationship with our technology in a way that promotes teamwork and a shared understanding of work. The idea for a digital work analytics platform built on a foundation of trust was born: Produce8.

The primary mission was to empower teams to leverage their data and visualize the nuances, obstacles, and possibilities of the digital workplace. Produce8 avoids passing judgment and refrains from dictating what is 'good' or 'bad', instead it enables individuals and teams the ability to study, measure, and create space for great work.

Our Team

Produce8 is backed by the Top Down Ventures accelerator. We leverage their operational expertise in building and scaling technology businesses and are supported by their finance, legal, HR, facilities, leadership, and their ecosystem of technology advisors.

Meet our team

Joel Abramson
CEO and co-founder

Before founding Produce8, Joel was the CEO of Fully Managed and remains a Partner at Top Down Ventures. Joel is known for his empathetic and decisive leadership style, ensuring that everyone has a voice and instilling confidence in the team's direction.

Chris Day
Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

At the core of Top Down Ventures, Chris has always sought 'Blue Ocean' opportunities, and Produce8 stands out as a beacon in the B2B SaaS landscape. With the power of Foresight Fusion: Chris's ability to merge current trends with future potentials ensures that every strategy is ahead of its time.

Mark Scott
Co-founder and Director

Mark has been co-founder and CEO of several ventures (and adventures), including two market-defining companies in the managed services industry. The third horizon? Re-defining the future of work at Produce8.

Janice Siddons
Chief Operating Officer

Nicknamed “Super J” for her superpower ability, Janice keeps the team on track and focused on targets and goals. She believes in the power of the positive, achieving objectives by collaborating as a team and leveraging collective skill sets.

Marco La Vecchia
Chief Revenue Officer
Ryan McGinnis Vp of Product at Produce8
Ryan McGinnis
VP of Product

Ryan is responsible for matching the big problem the company is tackling with a product that solves it and a story that explains it.

Geoff Affleck Director of Engineering at Produce8
Geoff Affleck
Director of Engineering

Nobody works a whiteboard in a meeting like Geoff does. When he isn't organizing team BBQs, Geoff is on a mission to bring knowledge work into the 21st century by building a product that visualizes the invisible.

Liam Levesque Lead UX Designer at Produce8
Liam Levesque
Director Of User Experience

Liam makes understanding our work habits fun and easy, by using his power to transform team sparks into reality. While people talk themselves in knots, he can quickly turn a discussion into visuals that create a shared understanding.

Mike Savard
Director of Sales

Mike is a veteran sales leader and coach, with over 25 years of experience across many industries. Mike is focused on building high-performance sales teams and inspiring personal growth through behaviour management.

Isha Snehil
Product Manager

With skills in communication, analytics, strategy, and market research, Isha thrives on building products that boost productivity and wellness, while managing the delightful chaos of parenting two energetic five-year-olds.

Brandon Bailey
Senior Software Developer

Brandon is on a mission to build an awesome product that people come back to time and time again.

Jordi Pun
Senior Frontend Developer

An adaptability chameleon, Jordi effortlessly pivots to meet evolving business needs and turns complex data into simple solutions, making work feel like a walk in the park.

Tess Andersen
Customer Success Manager

Workplace cheerleader and candy curator, Tess is here to sweeten the day. At Produce8, her mission is to transform the daily grind into a delightful dance, setting the stage for a future where work is a joyous journey.

Marcus Stein
Manager of Customer Success

Marcus empowers both colleagues and customers to overcome obstacles that impede their optimal performance. His superpower lies in challenging conventional norms. He never settles for the status quo; just saying "That's how it's always been done" isn't enough reason for him to keep doing things that way.

Elliot Chan
Digital Marketing Manager

Elliot is a skilled storyteller with almost a decade of experience in digital marketing. Possessing a Swiss army knife of creative and analytical skills, he's on a mission to assist everyone in making the hours spent at work as meaningful and productive as possible.

Daniel Wilkinson
Account Executive

Leveraging a keen understanding of technology and a strategic approach to client relationships, Daniel is a dynamic sales leader with a passion for connecting software solutions with the evolving needs of the companies he interacts with.

Joe Panettieri
Board Member
Sharleen Oborowsky
Board Member
Produce8 team picture at Vancouver office 2023

Our Values


Digital work is opaque and that's a problem.

To be successful people need visibility into the work happening within their teams but the traditional methods of getting it suck (progress reports, status meetings, etc). Produce8 was created to solve that problem. While the product’s roots are in making knowledge work transparent, as a company we’re also working to live this value from the start.

This is what we're doing:

Eliminated private messaging channels

Sharing all offline conversations

Holding townhalls with financial forecasts

This is what we're working on:

Eating our own dog food - we're using Produce8 internally to support hybrid and remote work

Saving call recordings and demos to a shared drive so everyone can learn from them

Publishing our product roadmap externally


We're currently a small team, but we're dedicated to being masters of our craft.

We achieve this by engaging with the broader community, sharing the tools and techniques we develop, and our love for the work that we do. We're a curious bunch focused on quality and innovation in our work.

This is what we're doing

Using Notion to automate product release notes

Supporting automation everywhere

Giving everyone on the team an equal voice in planning and prioritization

This is what we're working on:

Cross-pollinating our people with other Top Down companies

Publishing and sharing blog posts on our internal development practices

Providing more uninterrupted time for people to work on their prioritized projects


We believe that the future belongs to those who can operate without a negative impact on the world around them.

That’s more than just a business goal, it’s deeply personal. That means managing our externalities like our commuting carbon footprint, and building a product that helps other businesses achieve part of their sustainability goals by making it possible for their employees to work from anywhere — effectively. It also means ensuring our people can balance their lives so the work works for them. Most importantly our core operations cannot escape scrutiny. We need our app to be as resource-optimized as possible.

This is what we're doing:

Reducing compute emissions with Produce8’s server-less, event-driven architecture

Providing access to a world-class bike facility for our commuters

Reducing commuting overall with a remote-first work culture

Offering transit subsidies

This is what we're working on:

Tracking our commutes when we make them

Limiting business travel

Reviewing core operations and starting to track our footprint

Made with love in Canada

Interested in joining us on our team?

We're building a culture that truly lives our values. If helping organizations work better together sounds interesting to you, you've come to the right place.

Produce8 team members at Vancouver office
Produce8 Team at Vancouver Office
Produce8 Team at Vancouver Office

Create space for great work

Produce8 supports high-performing teams that are relentlessly pursuing the state of flow.