We make digital work more transparent for remote-first teams


Our Why

We’re on a mission to help remote, hybrid and digital first teams work more effectively.
We can make people’s lives better by enabling them to work where, when and how they work best. We also believe we can reduce digital burnout and workplace anxiety by helping to drive team transparency. Ultimately we can make stronger, more resilient and more profitable organizations that are also more attractive places to work.

Our Team

We bring deep experience in building and scaling technology companies.
The Top Down Ventures incubator supports our operating team with finance, legal, HR, facilities and experience when needed. We’ve built a small and effective engineering team and are actively adding to it. We’re all unique individuals who bring different skills, experiences, and personalities to the table. But we’re all equally committed to the mission.
About Produce8

Our Values


Digital work is opaque and that's a problem.
To be successful people need visibility into the work happening within their teams but the traditional methods of getting it suck (progress reports, status meetings etc) - Produce8 was created to solve that problem. While the product’s roots are in making knowledge work transparent, as a company we’re also working to live this value from the start.

This is what we're doing:

Eliminated private messaging channels

Sharing all offline conversations

Holding townhalls with financial forecasts

This is what we're working on:

Eating our own dog food - we're using Produce8 internally to support hybrid and remote work

Saving call recordings and demos to a shared drive so everyone can learn from them

Publishing our product roadmap externally


We're currently a small team, but we're dedicated to being masters of our craft.
We achieve this by engaging with the broader community, sharing the tools and techniques we develop and our love for the work that we do. We're a curious bunch focused on quality and innovation in our work.

This is what we're doing

Using Notion to automate product release notes

Supporting automation everywhere

Giving everyone on the team an equal voice in planning and prioritization

This is what we're working on:

Cross-pollinating our people with other Top Down companies

Publishing and sharing blog posts on our internal development practices

Providing more uninterrupted time for people to work on their prioritized projects


We believe that the future belongs to those who can operate without a negative impact on the world around them.
That’s more than just a business goal, it’s deeply personal. That means managing our externalities like our commuting carbon footprint, and building a product that helps other businesses achieve part of their sustainability goals by making it possible for their employees to work from anywhere - effectively. It also means ensuring our people can balance their lives so the work works for them. Most importantly our core operations cannot escape scrutiny. We need our app to be as resource optimized as possible.

This is what we're doing:

Reducing compute emissions with Produce8’s server-less, event-driven architecture

Providing access to a world-class bike facility for our commuters

Reducing commuting overall with a remote-first work culture

Offering transit subsidies

This is what we're working on:

Tracking our commutes when we make them

Limiting business travel as it opens up post-COVID

Reviewing core operations and starting to track our footprint

Made with love in Canada

by Liam, Brandon, Christine, Jamie, Chantelle, Geoff, Chris, Joel, Daniella, Mark, Emma and Ryan

Interested in joining us on our team?
We're building a culture that truly lives our values. If helping organizations work better together sounds interesting to you, you've come to the right place.

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