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Supercharge your productivity with next-gen work analytics.

All of the features you need to improve business performance and build teams with better work habits.

Aggregated company-wide metrics to identify challenges, take action, and measure impact.

Your leaders will understand how technology usage and collaboration are impacting the employee experience and bottom-line business performance.

Reporting across teams

Metrics are aggregated and analyzed at the organizational or team level with full cost analysis.

Meetings and calls analytics

Displaying company-wide metrics on time spent in meetings and video calls, and the data trends and financial impacts.

Detailed app analytics

View application usage across your entire business in terms of company and team usage and delve into trends.

Sentiment analytics

Understand if your employees and teams are having great workdays.

Maintain personal privacy

Individuals remain anonymous in organization-level reporting.

Personal and shared workspaces to drive meaningful change in workflow

Workspaces give individuals and teams a way to study the apps they use, understand their work patterns, and improve how they spend their time.

Workspaces visualize workdays

For individuals or teams to tap into their daily activities and visualize that data.

Daily timeline

A real-time display of all of the application views, meetings, and calls for each individual in a workspace.

Activity feeds

Real-time logs of events as they happen including calls already in progress for a team or individual.

Detailed app metrics

Understand allocation of time to every app and total usage per day for each individual or team.

Trends and heat maps

Compare individual and team averages over time and intensity of use inside the average day.

Real-time insights to deliver

Your team will dramatically improve their productivity by gaining a deep understanding of how they work and where they lose time.

Optimized for mobile engagement

The primary method used to deliver insights that reinforce work habit transformations in 90 seconds of use.

A home page for your workday

Everyone in Produce8 has a personal home page to summarize the day and engage in improving habits.

Gather daily sentiment

Your employees can capture how they are feeling at the start and the end of the day.

Insights to summarize the day

Wrapping up the day that just transpired in terms of time spent in different modes, the workday length, and focus.

Set and measure goals

A quick refresh on where that day sat in relation to the targets the employee set for themselves.

Understand and optimize app usage

The top apps report breaks down the tools they spent that day working in.

Set goals and reinforce new habits

Create goals

Leveraging historical data, individuals can create targets for their future daily interactions, total time spent, average duration, and insights scores.

Make changes

Take on individual, team, and organizational initiatives and policies meant to improve habits, focus, and productivity. Goals can be associated with those changes directly or indirectly.

Measure impact

As work patterns shift over time in response to new personal or shared initiatives, goals offer a way to track impact.

Desktop and browser extensions provide a complete picture of the workday.

Produce8 extensions are feature-rich apps that help users discover and follow new work apps that are important to their own workflow. They can use our catalog for quick additions or create custom apps in seconds.


Add and follow interactions with any app or website used for work.


Track desktop activities for the apps in the workday and quickly add new ones on the fly.

Privacy and security

Individuals choose what they share.

And which workspaces they join.

We offer MFA to secure the company account.

We are invested in protecting your data.

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Unlock great workdays

Whether you are collaborating with your team or solo tackling your day, we can help you recover the most valuable asset, time.