MSPs, interested in creating a new recurring revenue stream and helping their clients succeed in the future of work?

How we help your entire business improve performance.

The profitability of your company is impacted by the way your teams and employees work. We help you understand where the inefficiencies are and prove if your company-wide changes are working.

This is what is impairing the productivity of your employees and their teams.

Losing time in too many poorly managed meetings.

Your employees participate in over 25 different types of internal and external meetings.

Endlessly distracted by their tech and collaboration.

The average knowledge worker engages with messaging and email apps over 300 times daily.

Not following the right workflow in the right tools.

The average employee uses over 25 apps per week and there is no way to see if the workflow is efficient.

The operational awareness executive management need to help their employees recover 90+ minutes a day.

You need to understand the employee experience

We deliver organizational dashboards that help executives understand the big buckets of wasted time and how that is impacting their people.

  • Time in meetings, calls, and tools.
  • Average working hours and a daily pulse on employee sentiment about their work days.
  • Technology adoption and usage metrics across the business.

Zero in on the problems and fix them.

There are some things employees can’t fix on their own. Leaders need to provide air cover.

  • Reshape company-wide policies on meetings and collaboration backed by data.
  • Establish better workflow standards in teams.
  • Identify which tools are getting used and which of them you are wasting money on.

Show impact of change

Every change you invest in will re-shape work patterns across your business. Now you can see it.

  • Track long-term trends in meetings, calls, messaging, and email.
  • Support innovation in technology adoption while still ensuring use of the right apps.
  • Measure the ROI of new initiatives like AI in terms of time savings for employees.

Build performance culture

We can deliver alignment between your leaders and your employees that will help everyone focus on creating better outcomes.

  • We give everyone a safe way to engage on the topic of productivity.
  • You will have tools that can drive change at the individual, team, and business levels.
  • You will protect the trust and culture of your business while still improving performance.

Their journey with Produce8

Step 1

Sign up for Produce8

You can set up all of your tools in minutes and then invite your leaders to join.

Step 2

Your leaders get set up

They share links to their teams to join in private or invite to shared workspaces.

Step 3

Take on a challenge

Start with meeting overload or messaging distraction and make your first change.

Productivity challenges to unleash your team's potential

Explore challenges

Meeting Doomsday Challenge

Keep yourself accountable, register for the challenge:

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Not working alone?

Explore how Produce8 provides value to individuals, team leaders, and executives at the organization level

For individuals

Invite your team to take on personal workflow challenges.

For teams

Invite your team to shared workspaces to provide transparency into team workflow challenges.

Unlock great workdays

Whether you are collaborating with your team or solo tackling your day we can help you recover the most valuable asset, time.