MSPs, interested in creating a new recurring revenue stream and increasing customer value?

Partnering with Managed Services Providers to Transform Employee Productivity

Reshape how your clients’ employee experience impacts their productivity. Boost your recurring revenue and differentiate your business with digital work analytics.

The next vCIO growth opportunity is to reshape the digital workplace

The financial impact of digital distraction costs the average knowledge worker 2 hours a day. MSPs have been supporting every generation of collaboration technology from the early days of email servers to the current hybrid digital workplace. They can now bring work analytics to the table to shape how digital experience impacts productivity.

Invest in a strategic differentiator

  • Increase your value to customers by helping them understand the impact of technology and collaboration on the productivity of their employees.
  • Provide the data and insights to help them prove the value of changes they make to the digital workplace.
  • Help your customers measure the adoption of applications across the organization.

Drive recurring revenue for your MSP business

MSPs are constantly looking for new ways to add recurring revenue to their business. With Produce8, MSPs will be able to attract new customers and grow existing customers monthly recurring revenue. Productivity, Employee Digital Experience, and Work Analytics represent a new set of offerings that can increase MSP’s MRR per seat.

The MSP Partner Journey

Your organization will become trusted advisors on Employee Digital Experience and Productivity. Starting with developing internal expertise by using the product to transform your own operations, to early customer wins, to a sustainable consulting practice that expands your value to your clients.

Internal Adoption

We help you get set up and use Produce8 internally to transform the efficiency of your operations and build expertise in a realistic demo environment.

Client Engagement

Pursue tactical conversations with your clients that have known challenges with employee digital experience and productivity.

Strategic vCIO Advisory

Roll out more strategic advisory services to help your clients deploy impact plans at the organization and team level, while also including extend work analytics and personal challenges for individual employees.

How we support our partners

Partner Success

We are committed to helping MSPs develop strategic growth opportunities and supporting them from onboarding to self-sustaining revenue.


We deliver the same sales training and consulting resources for our partners as we do for our internal teams.


We provide sales and marketing assets to help our partners drive effective conversations with their customers.

Partner Program Tiers

Join us on a mission to unlock more productive workdays.