Overcome meeting fatigue and streamline collaboration. Download the Effective Meetings for MSP eBook!

Improve your employees' productivity and focus.

Empower your employees to understand their work habits, identify problems, make changes, and recover time back.

The major factors decimating MSP employee performance.

Losing time in too many or poorly managed meetings.

MSP employees and executives participate in 25+ different types of internal and external meetings.

Endless technology and collaboration distraction.

Your team is opening and engaging with collaboration tools over 200 times per day.

They are context and task switching all day long.

There's a massive cost associated with shifting focus between various requests on their time.

More effective workdays in less than 90 seconds of daily use

Promote self-awareness via personalized daily insights

A daily snapshot designed to help your team reflect on their workday and identify areas to reclaim wasted time.

  • Time in meetings, calls, and tools.
  • Focus, intensity, and working hours.
  • Their feedback about their last workday and their readiness for the day ahead.

Enable bottom-up changes in the way they work.

They can focus on building better habits that will deliver time back in their day.

  • Set goals for how they spend their time.
  • Track their progress in the daily report.
  • Measure their success over time for every metric they track.

Tackle context and task switching

They can dig deep into their workflow to see every moment of their day.

  • View their workflow in timelines in their personal workspace and learn from peers in shared ones.
  • Get metrics for all of the apps they interact with.
  • See their trend data for time spent in meetings, virtual calls, and other forms of collaboration.

Productivity boosted with privacy-protected

We are strongly anti-monitoring because we believe people will engage when there is an alignment of mutual interest and trust.

  • Their personal daily insights are for them alone.
  • They choose if and where they share their data with their team.
  • They know everything anyone can see about them.

Their journey with Produce8

Step 1

Invite them to Produce8

They can start in a personal or shared workspace and tap into their workday in minutes.

Step 2

They receive their report

At the end of the first day, we show them how they spend their time.

Step 3

They set goals and win

By the end of the first week they are able to start fixing their workflow.

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Not working alone?

Explore how Produce8 provides value to team leaders and executives at the organization level

For organizations

Understand the big picture impact of company level challenges like time in meetings and collaboration tools.

For teams

Invite your team to shared workspaces to provide transparency into team workflow challenges.

Unlock great workdays

Whether you are collaborating with your team or solo tackling your day we can help you recover the most valuable asset, time.