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Essential Meetings Only Challenge



Improved Focus
Reduce Distractions
Work Flexibility
Develop Company Policy


30 Days


Day Theming
Meeting-Free Day (eg. No Meeting Fridays)

Are you drowning in back-to-back meetings? Are you looking for more uninterrupted work time? Then the Essential Meetings Only Challenge is just what you need.

This challenge aims to help you reclaim your focus and productivity by dedicating a day to uninterrupted work.


The Essential Meeting Only Challenge is a targeted initiative aimed at boosting productivity and enhancing customer engagement by prioritizing meetings with customers while minimizing internal meetings, such as routine check-ins and status updates. At the core of this challenge is the integration of a Meeting Free Day, designated for deep, uninterrupted work, free from internal meetings.

How the Essential Meetings Only Challenge Works:

  1. Objective Clarification: Define the primary goals of the challenge, which may include improving customer relationships, increasing sales or project advancements, and elevating individual and team productivity.
  2. Defining 'Essential' Meetings: Establish clear criteria that categorize meetings with customers as 'essential,' given their direct impact on business objectives and customer satisfaction. In contrast, classify regular internal meetings like check-ins and status updates as 'non-essential.'
  3. Baseline Data Collection: Collect data on your current meeting practices before the challenge to understand the proportion of customer meetings versus internal meetings, providing a basis for comparison and progress measurement.
  4. Implementing Meeting Free Day: Choose one day per week where no internal meetings are scheduled. This day is exclusively reserved for focused, strategic work or for addressing critical customer-related tasks that require undivided attention.
  5. Monitoring Compliance: Throughout the challenge, monitor adherence to the Meeting Free Day and track the frequency of essential versus non-essential meetings. Ensure that the interactions with customers remain productive and meaningful.
  6. Assessment: Regularly evaluate the challenge's impact on key metrics such as customer satisfaction, team efficiency, and overall productivity. Assess whether the reduction in internal meetings contributes positively to work outcomes.
  7. Gathering Feedback: Obtain insights from participants and customers to gauge the effectiveness of the challenge and identify areas for improvement. Use this feedback to refine meeting criteria and enhance the balance between customer interactions and internal collaboration.
  8. Long-Term Application: After the challenge, analyze the results and decide on the best practices to incorporate into your ongoing work routine. The aim is to maintain a focus on customer-centric meetings while ensuring that internal communication remains efficient and purposeful.

Challenge guidelines:

  1. Get Set Up: Sign into Produce8 and connect it with your daily work tools. This step is crucial for tracking your communication patterns and provides valuable insights into your meeting habits and overall productivity.
  2. Collect Baseline Data: As a new Produce8 user, allow the platform to measure your typical meeting activities for a week. This data collection phase is essential for understanding your current meeting frequency and types, establishing a baseline for the Essential Meetings Only Challenge.
  3. Start the Essential Meetings Only Challenge: Shift your focus to prioritize only meetings with customers, deeming them as 'essential.' Commit to significantly reducing or eliminating internal meetings, like check-ins and status updates, to free up time for customer-focused interactions and other productive tasks.
  4. Maintain Consistency: Use Produce8's Sentiment feature to document your daily experiences and the impact of this new meeting strategy on your productivity. Strive for consistency in applying the Essential Meetings Only policy over a 30-day period, monitoring any changes in your productivity and meeting effectiveness.
  5. Mid-Period Check-In: At the halfway point, assess your progress with Produce8. Review your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the effectiveness of reducing non-essential meetings on your work efficiency and focus, using your baseline data for comparison.
  6. Continue, Iterate, or Adjust if Necessary: Based on the insights gained at the mid-period check-in, refine your approach to prioritizing essential meetings. Make necessary adjustments to further optimize your time and enhance the quality of your customer interactions.
  7. Final Check-In: At the conclusion of the 30 days, perform an in-depth review using Produce8. Analyze your KPIs to gauge the overall impact of the Essential Meetings Only Challenge on your productivity and meeting practices. Decide if the changes have led to substantial improvements in your focus and customer engagement, and consider integrating this approach into your long-term routine.

Challenge KPIs:

Challenge Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics used to assess the effectiveness of a specific challenge, such as the Essential Meetings Only Challenge. These KPIs help track progress, measure success, and identify areas for improvement. You can find all these metrics in Produce8.

  1. Time in Calls: Expect a decrease in the time spent on calls during your workdays.
  2. Average Duration in App: The time spent in productivity-focused apps should increase.
  3. Top Apps Report: Productive work apps will dominate your daily usage list, with meeting tools appearing less frequently.
Essential Meetings Only Challenge Outcome
Successfully adopting the Essential Meetings Only habit will lead to reduced time in non-essential meetings and increased engagement with key productivity apps.

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With Produce8, you can:

  • Set Clear Goals: Define specific objectives for your Essential Meetings Only Challenge. Whether it's increasing your focused work time or minimizing interruptions, Produce8 helps you set achievable targets.
  • Track Progress: Monitor your productivity and work trends effortlessly. Produce8 provides detailed insights into how you're spending your time and where you can make improvements.
  • Stay Motivated: Receive real-time feedback and encouragement as you progress through the challenge. Celebrate your successes, overcome challenges, and stay motivated to reach your full potential.

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