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Google Sheets

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Use Google Sheets More Effectively with Work Analytics from Produce8

Google Sheets is available in the Produce8 App Catalog. With a single click, you can gain insights into your Google Sheets activities, making it effortless for teams to work together and learn more about their app usage patterns.

Produce8 provides visibility into Google Sheets by offering:

Private or Shared Workspaces: Whether working individually or in a group, this feature allows you to consolidate all your app usage data in one location to enhance your understanding of how Google Sheets is used and improve team collaboration.

Timelines: See when and for how long you engage with Google Sheets. This is particularly useful during focused work sessions, providing insights into your work habits and workloads.

Metrics: Get essential metrics such as daily interaction totals, overall daily usage, and average interaction durations. Track the trends in your usage patterns over time to make informed decisions.

By understanding how you use Google Sheets, you can optimize your app usage and elevate your team's overall performance by discovering inefficiencies and maximizing productivity to recover time for focused work.