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Hudu is a high-growth documentation and knowledge management vendor offering a business critical solution for managed IT Services and internal IT teams. Their platform offers easier access to the right information, enabling their customers to work smarter and scale as the business grows.

Now, with its integration into the Produce8 digital work analytics platform, IT teams can understand their Hudu usage patterns. The business value of documentation is directly related to usage, and now you can see it in real time.

Produce8 assists teams in comprehending their technology utilization and time management, presenting a visual representation of the workday through metrics, personal insights, and work patterns.

The integration between Hudu and Produce8 can transform the way IT teams manage their daily operations. We all know that the more Hudu gets used the more efficient your team becomes. Produce8 empowers your service desk technicians to better understand how they leverage their technology and time. Your leaders will gain insight into how they and the team use Hudu alongside the rest of your tech stack.

Connect Hudu to Produce8 with one click!

Work Analytics for Hudu

Personal Insights:

Understand your Hudu usage patterns, identify areas for workflow improvement, and set daily or weekly usage goals.

Work Patterns:

Track long-term trends associated with your documentation and knowledge management solution to observe how much time is allocated to one of the most critical components of your infrastructure.

Task Management:

Gain insights into how tasks are managed and completed, providing a better approach to enhancing productivity.