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Microsoft Teams

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Are you fully leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, or could it be causing unnecessary disruptions?

With Produce8's seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, you can now access insights into your collaboration patterns and ensure that your Microsoft Teams usage aligns with your productivity objectives.

Understanding Your Microsoft Teams Habits: Produce8's integration with Microsoft Teams enables a deep dive into your messaging, meetings, file sharing, and collaboration patterns. Are you using Microsoft Teams efficiently, or are there areas that could be fine-tuned? Our metrics provide a clear view of your Microsoft Teams activities, helping you identify where time might be better allocated.

Develop a Better Calls and Meetings Culture: Get data specific to Microsoft Teams calls and meetings:

  • Time in calls
  • Call interactions
  • Avg call durations

Then set a goal for Time in calls for Teams to reduce unnecessary meetings and prioritize what matters most.

App Specific Metrics: Receive real-time insights regarding your Microsoft Teams usage:

  • Views
  • Avg Time in App
  • Avg Duration

Identify areas for improvement and training opportunities to refine your collaboration habits and platform settings. Establish goals for each metric to maintain accountability and enhance productivity for more effective workdays.

Enhancing Team Collaboration: Produce8 offers collaborative insights that explore your team's messaging and meeting dynamics within Microsoft Teams. Identify best practices and get data to help inform your team to make changes and improve communication and collaboration.

Achieving Strategic Goals: Produce8 provides a strategic overview of your organization's communication and collaboration using Microsoft Teams. Understand how your team is deploying Microsoft Teams to serve clients, streamline processes, and drive business growth. Get all the data you need to make team and organizational changes.

Patterns of Success: By analyzing how Microsoft Teams collaborates with other tools, Produce8 helps organizations identify patterns that lead to exceptional communication and collaboration, enabling the replication of success throughout the organization.

Make the most out of Microsoft Teams with Produce8. Improve how your team communicates, works together, and creates space in the day for focus. Produce8 empowers everyone to use Microsoft Teams in line with their productivity goals.