Gain Deeper Insights into Your Daily App Usage with Heatmaps

Ryan McGinnis, VP Marketing & Product2 min read

The team at Produce8 is excited to announce our latest feature: Heatmaps!

We help knowledge workers understand how they are leveraging their technology and time. With the addition of heatmaps, they can visualize their current work pattern related to specific applications and track how these patterns change when they make adjustments to their workflow.

Where our other trend metrics show app usage across days, heatmaps let you study the pattern inside the workday.

Produce8 Heatmaps 3 Months

Heatmaps allow you to observe the nuances in your routines as you reshape your work habits and assess how this influences your interaction with your tools.

1. Plan your day

Let’s say that every morning you want to start your day by logging into Mac Notes and making a to-do list to help prioritize your day. Were you consistent? If you broke the habit, what happened? Heatmaps can show you.

Produce8 Heatmaps Mac Notes Daily Habits

2. Improve collaboration

Don’t guess at the best time to schedule a meeting. Instead, find when you are most actively collaborating and when is the best available time to connect with the rest of your team by looking at the heatmap.

3. Batch your tasks

Are you effectively time-blocking and working on the tasks you scheduled such as responding to your email or screening job applicants? Or are you working on the task throughout the day? By looking at the darkest shade on the heatmap, you can see when you are most engaged with the app.

4. Identify focus hours

Don’t want to be the cause of distractions? Find out when you should avoid scheduling meetings based on peak productivity times for your whole team. Take a look at their most productive apps to find out when they are in the zone.

Whether you're striving for more transparency within your team, focusing on the apps your team uses the most, or simply analyzing the impact of your personal productivity hacks, this feature has got you covered.

Want to learn more about Heatmaps and how Produce8 can help you recover over 90 minutes a day? Book a free consultation with our expert team!

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