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Introducing Produce8 Free: Digital Work Analytics

Produce8, The Team3 min read

We are excited to announce the launch of the free version of Produce8 !

Why Produce8

Digital workers face unique challenges daily, including distractions, collaboration overload, and burnout . The only way to solve these problems is with in-depth data—not assumptions. Produce8 provides that!

For the past year, we’ve been refining our product and speaking with business leaders, industry experts, and knowledge workers. And in doing so, we’ve refined our approach to helping teams build an effective work culture.

We want to help your team see why productivity is slipping while work hours are increasing. By collecting data and developing a shared understanding of our work habits, we can finally repair digital work. From there, teams will be able to solve the challenges related to collaboration overload and burnout.

Sign up today to start visualizing your team’s digital work patterns. We hope you love it!

What’s available in the Produce8 Free Plan

  • Your timeline: With our timeline feature, you can follow your team’s actions and interactions with the tools they use throughout an entire workday.
  • Your metrics: Access personal and shared insights to understand how much work is getting done, where the work is happening, and which apps are making an impact.
  • Shared workspaces: Our shared workspaces allow you and your team to work together with clearer visibility. The whole team can use this space to help support each other—all while eliminating distractions.
  • Personal workspaces: Your data will only be visible to you in a personal workspace, allowing you to customize your timeline and better understand your digital workday. As the only user in this workspace, you can explore app usage without requiring someone else to add and share data subscriptions.
  • Connect your desktop and browser apps: By viewing app activity, you and your team can now understand where work is accomplished and answer essential workflow and organization questions. Are the expensive apps being used effectively? Is the team spending too much time on communication tools? Are they toggling between too many apps during their focus time?
  • Support desk: Our customer support channels are now available to all users. Check out our Knowledge Base for set-up instructions and how-tos. If you need further assistance, we are happy to help! Contact us by submitting a ticket here . Any tickets created between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Pacific time) can expect a same-day response.

Set up a demo

Please schedule a demo with us . We can walk you through all the features and help you connect your team and your apps. A demo also allows us to learn more about your team’s goals, and we can detail what Produce8 can offer to help improve the health and efficiency of your workflow.

What’s next

To solve the challenges of digital work, leaders and workers need data to calibrate their teams for success. They need a common understanding to have deeper conversations. And they need to move past opinions to see clearly what’s happening in a workday. That’s Produce8! We want to provide space for people to do great work.

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