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Produce8 Introduces Partner Program for Managed Service Providers

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Produce8 provides digital work analytics to help the clients of MSPs measure and fix the impact of technology on employee productivity and wellbeing.

Vancouver, BC, Canada (June 19, 2024)Produce8 , a leading work analytics software vendor, today announced the launch of its new Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program. This initiative is designed to enable MSPs to offer their clients Produce8’s advanced work analytics tools, enhancing productivity, optimizing operations, and improving employee experience.

Produce8 offers detailed insights and analytics for organizations to make data-driven decisions to help them address the challenges that impair productivity and empower individual employees with tools to manage their workday more effectively.

“MSPs have been supporting the entire stack of collaboration and communications technology for their clients for years,” said Marco La Vecchia, CRO at Produce8. “These same technologies are now implicated in impairing the productivity of employees with notifications, meeting overload, messaging distraction, context switching, and too much time spent responding to emails. We think MSPs are ideally suited to help their customers understand the impact of technology on the productivity and wellbeing of their knowledge worker employees.”

Differentiation and Strategic Value for MSPs

The Produce8 MSP Partner Program offers MSPs significant value by differentiating their business, offering a new recurring revenue stream, and increasing the value they provide to their customers. It allows MSPs to move from advising purely on technology-related investments to providing strategic input on factors that impact employee-related costs, which are four times higher than IT-related expenditures. The overlap between people and technology is something MSPs have not yet been able to address with their vCIO consulting practices.

“All businesses are facing increasing demands to address the productivity and engagement of knowledge workers and to address the increasing frequency of employee burnout that is at least partially driven by the way we now work,” said Joel Abramson, CEO of Produce8. “Our partner program is designed to equip MSPs with a unique offering to help their clients meet these challenges head-on. By joining our program, MSPs can enhance their service offerings and help their clients overcome the challenges of the modern digital workplace.”

Key Features of the Produce8 MSP Partner Program:

  • Technical Support and Resources: Comprehensive technical tools and support to ensure seamless integration and implementation for MSPs' clients.
  • Marketing and Sales Resources: Access to go-to-market strategies and sales support to help MSPs effectively promote and sell Produce8 to their clients.
  • Educational and Training Materials: Ongoing training to keep partners updated on the latest features and best practices.
  • Partner Tiers: Flexible tiers (Select, Premier, Elite) to cater to different levels of partner engagement and business needs.

To learn more MSPs are invited to visit and to register to join an upcoming partner webinar.

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