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Ryan McGinnis, VP Marketing & Product2 min read
Mobile App Produce8 Daily Goal

We are excited to announce the release of the Produce8 mobile app!

Once you’ve set up your Produce8 account on the desktop, add the mobile app to get a more comprehensive experience.

With Produce8 for iOS and Android , you can quickly check how your work day went and focus on what matters.

Work is crazy — we can fix this

We aim to help everyone get back 90 minutes in their day. We do this by helping them understand how they work, find where they're losing time, and show them the impact of the changes they make to improve their workflow.

For those hectic days when you can't spare time for an in-depth dive into the Produce8 desktop app , the mobile version provides essential data while helping you concentrate on your workday.

Produce8 Mobile App Daily Summary

Self-awareness leads to change

Fitness tracking apps, personal digital well-being tools, and financial management apps have proven that self-awareness is a big component of laying the foundation for behavior change. Produce8 works on the same principles but for the workday.

Just as getting in shape, improving your sleep, and saving money all benefit from readily available data to keep you on track, working more efficiently also requires this level of accountability.

The Produce8 mobile app achieves this by providing a concise summary of your workday and how you're progressing toward your goals .

Produce8 Mobile App Goals Top Apps

Let’s not add to the noise

We don’t want to add to the distraction. So we made the daily report the key component of the mobile experience. The Produce8 mobile app is meant to check how the day went yesterday and how things are trending over time.

Check it once a day and get back to your life. We will help you stay focused.

Our objective is 90 minutes back in your day for 90 seconds of use.

Produce8 Mobile App Focus Score

If you are already signed up for Produce8 on the desktop, download the mobile version from the Google and Apple app stores.

This new feature in Produce8 was built with love by Liam, Washington, and David. 💜

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