Produce8 Closes $6M Investment to Accelerate Growth in The Future of Workforce Analytics

Produce8, The Team1 min read

An expanded slate of early tech investors supports the need for more data and visibility for remote workers and managers.

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Produce8, a startup SaaS company aiming to reduce distractions and increase productivity for distributed and digital-first teams, is pleased to announce $6M in funding to support strategic growth.

After receiving an initial pre-seed investment from Vancouver-based accelerator, Top Down Ventures in 2020, Produce8 released its early access platform to excitement and interest, culminating in a seed funding round from a select group of tech investors.

“We invested in Produce8 to address a trillion-dollar problem for approximately 75 million North American knowledge workers,” said Chris Day, Managing Partner at Top Down Ventures.

“Few would argue that the workforce dynamic hasn’t been forever changed. Existing solutions have been focused on employee monitoring and productivity enforcement. We believe there is a better way to address the root cause by focusing on people and their individual well-being. By analyzing the data from interactions with the apps we use, Produce8 can visualize and understand work patterns, providing constructive feedback on how to repair digital work. By minimizing the impact of collaboration distraction and work fragmentation, teams can reduce digital burnout and ultimately manage remote work better.”

Read the full press release here.

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