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Produce8’s Sentiment Feature Empowers Employees to Have More Intentional Workdays

Ryan McGinnis, VP Marketing & Product3 min read

Are your employees having the workdays they want? Sometimes it’s hard to answer that question when they are so consumed by their day-to-day work. That’s why it’s essential to track how they feel at the start and end of the day—to gauge their long-term overall work experience.

Produce8’s latest release makes it easy for individuals to monitor how their days are going. The Sentiment feature also equips leaders and the organization with the tools and insights they need to help their team reclaim control of their day and increase productivity and employee well-being.

It’s all about aligning individual goals with organizational goals, which are directly connected. An organization succeeds when employees are healthy, empowered, and engaged. That’s a fact!

Starting and ending the workday with a quick journal entry can really help workers understand how their day went. This simple practice lets them jot down what they felt good about and what stressed them out, helping them see patterns that affect their productivity and mood.

Over time, as they learn more about their work habits and start making small changes to improve their daily routine, workers will notice better time management and higher levels of job satisfaction.

What is Produce8 Sentiment?

The Sentiment feature is designed to bring more intentionality to your workers’ day with start-and-end-of-day check-ins. The morning check-in sets them up for the day ahead, and the evening check-in allows them to reflect on how the day went. Each session includes text fields for noting personal goals or elaborating on their daily rating.

To start, your team members can log into Produce8 each morning and fill out the Morning Journal . They can reflect on the previous day now that they’ve had time to think it over, then leave a comment to explain their rating or set their goals for the workday.

At day's end, workers can use the Daily Reflection to record how their day unfolded. Did they meet their goals , or did unexpected tasks change their plans? Record experiences to track progress over time.

Check the Account Summary to view Average Sentiment and assess whether the workday experiences have improved.

How can leaders and organizations help?

Great leaders recognize what constitutes a good workday and a bad one. While not every day can be perfect, consistently allowing bad days to affect your team can lead to disengagement and burnout .

Produce8 Sentiment enables leaders and account managers to view ratings provided by the team and keep a pulse on the organization’s engagement and morale.

By going to the Organization Metrics via the Account Summary Dashboard, team leaders can view the end-of-day check-ins from their team. They can then use this information to properly plan, support their team, and run initiatives to create better workdays.

Commitment to personal privacy

At Produce8, we take privacy very seriously. Every person’s Sentiment data will remain confidential and be anonymized.

While the specific replies of individuals are private to them, Produce8 summarizes how the people in your business feel about their workdays by aggregating their end-of-day five-star ratings. This gives you a sense of workplace wellness and shows you how workers (and leaders) are combatting distractions and all of the other factors stopping them from having better workdays.

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