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Produce8 Welcomes Tech Industry Veterans Sharleen Oborowsky and Joe Panettieri to Board of Directors

Produce8, The Team3 min read

Digital work analytics platform adds to their accomplished leadership team to help shape the future of work.

Produce8 , a digital work analytics startup born from Top Down Ventures , is thrilled to introduce two new board members who will boost an already formidable leadership team. The aim is to lead the company's strategic growth and empower knowledge workers with data to facilitate improved collaboration, reclaim productive hours, and enhance well-being.

Joining the board of directors are Sharleen Oborowsky and Joe Panettieri. Each brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a deep understanding of building businesses that value sustainability in the media, technology, and digital wellness space.

Sharleen Oborowsky is the co-founder and current CEO of Yogapedia . She previously co-founded Fully Managed and served as the President of the award-winning MSP organization until 2015. Throughout her career, Oborowsky has been a passionate advocate and educator in the field of workplace wellness.

"The future of work is buzzing! From 4-day work weeks to ditching meetings on Fridays, to adopting hybrid work models and asynchronous work," said Oborowsky. "Everyone's got a work style that works best for them, so it's absolutely crucial to make sure the whole team has access to the data—not just management and the HR department—and make decisions collectively."

Joe Panettieri is the founder of Mentore Ventures , an incubator that owns early-stage investment firm Channel Angels and Sustainable Tech Partner . He has been a prominent figure in the technology media industry for over three decades, having previously co-launched, built, and sold multiple media sites that serve channel partners, MSPs and MSSPs worldwide, including ChannelE2E , Nine Lives Media (MSPmentor, MSP 501, Talkin' Cloud, and The VAR Guy), and MSSP Alert. Panettieri’s deep understanding of emerging trends and market opportunities will be invaluable as Produce8 explores new avenues for growth.

“IT workers, marketers, salespeople, and all knowledge workers are inundated with a multitude of apps and software options,” said Panettieri. “Seriously, where are they even finding time to use all this stuff? And more importantly, are they even using the right ones? Now, more than ever, we need a deeper understanding of how we harness our technology and foster harmonious teamwork.”

In addition to the new esteemed board members, Produce8 is led by three experienced co-founders with a long history of collaboration and a proven track record of success. The trio consists of Chris Day, Mark Scott, and Joel Abramson.

Chris Day, the Co-founder of Produce8, is the Founder and Managing Partner at Top Down Ventures, where he contributes to the board of several portfolio companies. Prior to Top Down, Day embarked on successful ventures in the MSP and SaaS industries, establishing notable businesses such as Fully Managed, IT Glue , and ScalePad .

Mark Scott, the Co-founder and Director of Produce8, is the President of MSP Growth and Founder of Fully Managed by Telus. He has demonstrated visionary leadership as the Founder and CEO of N-able and throughout his tenure, he has spearheaded market-defining enterprises that specialize in business-to-business services, culminating in notable acquisitions.

Joel Abramson, the Co-founder and current CEO of Produce8, is the former CEO and CSO of Fully Managed. Additionally, he currently holds positions as a Partner at Top Down Ventures and a Board Member at Scalepad. In his role at Produce8, Abramson has been charting the company's course and propelling its ambitious vision.

"We are delighted to welcome Sharleen and Joe, our new esteemed board members, to our exceptional leadership team at Produce8," said Abramson. "Their collective expertise and passion for innovation will play an important role in shaping our company's future. We look forward to their valuable contributions as we continue to deliver an exceptional product to our valued customers."

Produce8 is currently available to all users, providing 1000+ integrations to popular work applications. The digital work analytics platform will be continuously adding new metrics, reports, and features with the aim to assist teams in gaining a better understanding of their workday dynamics and identifying areas for improvement.

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