6 Ways Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Can Achieve More in Fewer Hours with Produce8

Joel Abramson, CEO5 min read
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The Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry is evolving rapidly. And with it, the traditional 40-hour work week is being redefined. As MSPs grapple with the challenges of managing complex IT environments, the approach to productivity and efficiency is undergoing a transformation.

At Produce8 , we've thoroughly analyzed the intricacies of MSP work dynamics and discovered six ways MSPs can attract clients and accomplish more in less time.

1. Improve team dynamics:

In the MSP world, we want to know if every member of our team is set up to deliver optimal service.

While some technicians and engineers excel, others aren’t as efficient. But we subscribe to the tenet that “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.” This way, we are never guided by assumptions.

To support our people, we must decode the attributes of high performers, determine if those traits are sustainable, and then replicate them across the board.

To harness the potential of every team member and ensure collective growth and superior client service, we need data (i.e., a shared understanding of what work looks like). Once we can agree on what’s successful, we can build frameworks around those approaches.

Produce8 improves team dynamics by offering a shared workspace where everyone has visibility into their work habits. This helps with coaching and supporting workers who feel stressed, overworked, or under pressure to perform.

Team workspace on Produce8

2. Reduce apps overload:

MSPs often juggle multiple tools . From documentation tools to PSA and RMM solutions, tech stacks can be overwhelming. But what you really must consider is this: Are all your team members using the tools to their fullest potential? Or are some tools draining resources without offering substantial returns?

We emphasize the importance of streamlining tool usage to ensure maximum efficiency for MSP operations. With Produce8, every team member can see which apps are used the most and which are neglected. This helps the team decide which tools they should continue investing in, which are worth retraining the team on, and which should be removed from the tech stack.

Daily Insights and Top MSP apps on Produce8 platform

3. Encourage accountability through measurement:

Devices like Fitbits and Apple Watches have revolutionized personal health management. The principle is simple: What gets measured gets managed. By setting tangible goals, individuals are better positioned to shift their habits to suit their needs and schedules.

Produce8 applies a similar philosophy to MSP operations. We ensure that tasks and goals are quantifiable, leading to better service delivery and client satisfaction.

If the team plans to spend most of their workday in a particular app, they can set a goal in Produce8. Achieving this goal means they had a productive day. And if they can't find time for that app, it's a signal to review the day and check the data to understand why.

Produce8 app usage trends for MS Teams

4. Foster the art of deep work:

While tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack have transformed communication, they can also be significant distractions, especially in an MSP's fast-paced environment. Have you ever wondered how much time your team spends on these platforms instead of addressing client issues?

We advocate for periods of deep, uninterrupted work, which ensures that client tasks receive the focus they deserve. We provide data that identifies sources of distractions and measures whether the configurations made are helping workers concentrate. Not every change will yield a positive result—but by having access to data, you can at least test different solutions with confidence.

Want to learn more about reducing interruptions in Microsoft Teams and Slack? Check out this playbook .

5. Avoid excessive internal meetings:

Meetings are necessary for collaboration. But how many meetings are genuinely productive for an MSP? Whether you use Zoom or Microsoft Teams, it's crucial to analyze the app’s effectiveness.

Have you observed a significant portion of time allocated to meetings in your Produce8 data? Then discuss that with your team and start making space in the day for focused work. By prioritizing essential meetings, the team can ensure that every session is intentional, adds value, and drives client success.

Produce8 timeline Zoom meeting usage

6. Study the psychology of self-management:

The revenue intelligence platform Gong's success in the sales domain can be attributed to its bottom-up approach, which fosters self-improvement. Produce8 champions a similar philosophy for MSPs. We believe in self-management as the antidote to over-management and under-management. By empowering individuals, we pave the way for a more efficient and harmonious MSP work environment.

The key to successful self-management is clarity and transparency within an organization—and Produce8 is a work analytics platform that enables that. By providing private and shared workspaces, individuals and teams can align on goals, set priorities, and become self-aware of personal workstyles.

The future of work for MSPs is not just about reducing hours—it’s about optimizing the hours we have to do great work. Produce8 is at the forefront of this revolution, ensuring that MSPs adapt to the changing times in order to thrive.

Want to learn more about how Produce8 can help your team excel while sustaining a healthy worklife? We offer a free consultation to help you reach your goals. Book here .

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