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Produce8 Provides Business Intelligence to Improve Meetings Culture and Team Productivity

Ryan McGinnis, VP Marketing & Product5 min read

Time is an invaluable asset. Yet many leaders are unaware of just how much time is consumed by meetings and broken workflows. This inefficiency costs businesses financially and impacts team morale and productivity, causing workers to become disengaged and work longer hours.

What are organization metrics?

Organization metrics provide insights into the overall performance and health of a company. These metrics typically cover various aspects of business operations, including productivity, efficiency, employee engagement, financial performance, and more.

By analyzing these metrics, leaders can identify trends, make informed decisions, and strategize improvements. By keeping an eye on these numbers, company leaders can make smarter decisions, set better goals, and improve how the company runs.

Who has access to organization metrics?

Produce8 takes privacy very seriously. While we provide a summary of company-wide metrics, this data is aggregated and anonymized to ensure individual privacy is maintained.

To ensure only the right team members can access these stats, we've set it up so that Account Owners, Account Admins, and our newest addition, Report Viewers, can access organization metrics.

The new "Report Viewer" role allows users to access the organization metrics dashboard without needing a special license. This role can be assigned to any employee under User Management in the Account Settings.

Users can access these metrics either through the user context menu or by selecting “Account Summary” on the user home page and then clicking on any displayed element.

Now, let’s discuss all the data Produce8 provides in organization metrics.

Organization meetings analytics

What type of meetings are your teams having?

Understanding internal and external meetings within an organization is crucial for optimizing communication and efficiency.

Internal meetings — primarily those focused on coordination and collaboration among team members — are pivotal for fostering a cohesive work culture and aligning team efforts toward common objectives.

External meetings involve clients, vendors, or other stakeholders and are essential for maintaining relationships, understanding market needs, and driving business growth.

Analyzing these factors helps identify whether the meetings are productive or merely time-consuming. By optimizing how meetings are conducted, you can enhance overall organizational efficiency and improve both employee satisfaction and client relations.

The meeting analytics tab provides insights into:

  • Estimated meeting costs (displayed daily, weekly, and monthly) along with cost trends)
  • Detailed breakdowns of meetings by size
  • The number of meetings in each team's shared workspaces
  • Average distribution of calendar events, including internal and external meetings as well as focused time blocks
  • Average number of meetings per person over a selected time period

Organization calls analytics

What tools are your teams using for virtual meetings?

With organization call analytics, you get a summary of how your team is using different meeting apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, along with its financial impact.

If you aim to improve your team's meeting culture, you can use these metrics to assess whether meetings are more streamlined and effective. You can also evaluate potential cost savings and productivity enhancements across your organization.

For example, your team having a lot of calls on Slack may indicate that there is a reliance on unscheduled meetings to resolve collaboration needs.

Organization calls analytics provide insights into:

  • The financial cost associated with virtual meetings
  • Call data segmented by team across your workspaces
  • Call statistics for each collaboration application you use
  • Average number of calls per person over specific time periods throughout the business

Organization Sentiment

How do your employees feel about their workday?

Employees who are content and healthy are more likely to be engaged, innovative, and committed to their roles. This will reduce turnover rates and foster a positive workplace culture. Conversely, low morale can lead to burnout , decreased efficiency, and higher absenteeism, ultimately impacting the bottom line.

Produce8 now offers a feature that captures the health of your organization from your workers' perspectives. Each team member uses a five-star rating system to evaluate their workday, with 1 indicating a poor day and 5 representing an excellent, energizing day.

Organization working hours

Are your employees overworking?

Avoiding employee overwork is essential for sustaining their health and morale. While commitment and focus can be a good thing, if your workers are putting in long hours too often, burnout is more likely to occur.

Produce8 analyzes the duration of individual workdays using event data and aggregates this information into organizational metrics to show the whole team’s average. With the inclusion of calendar and call data, these numbers offer a more comprehensive view of the day, making them far more valuable.

We've also introduced a Burnout Risk Calculator as an initial tool to assess the potential impact of extended working hours on employee well-being .

The Burnout Risk Calculator is not a definitive measure of how many employees are overworked. Determining overwork involves a range of factors beyond just the number of working hours. Think of this feature as a “check engine light.” Use it as a friendly reminder to have a conversation with your team and see how you can support them.

Organization app metrics tab

Which apps are your workers using the most?

Gaining insights into the apps used throughout your organization can enhance team productivity and optimize resource allocation.

While we offer data for personal and shared workspaces, we have expanded this functionality to include the entire company. Our reports detail daily app usage across the organization, providing a comprehensive view of how essential tools are being used. This sheds light on usage patterns and aids in assessing the financial investment involved with these tools.

With Produce8, you can get a handle on how your team is feeling and the financial health of your company. This broader view helps leaders make thoughtful decisions, find areas where things could improve, and use resources wisely.

Want to learn more about organization metrics and how Produce8 can help you recover time in the workday? Schedule a call with our team of productivity experts.

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